THQ: 360 version of Metro: Last Light will look "startlingly" like PC version
Posted: 11.12.2012 18:28 by Comments: 5
THQ head of global communications Huw Beynon states that Xbox 360 owners will be "startled" by how much the 360 version of the Metro: Last Light resembles the PC version, even in terms of graphic fidelity.

According to Beynon, "We've obviously been showing it to you on PC all driven through an Xbox controller, but there's absolutely no gameplay difference between platforms. You have an, essentially, identical gameplay experience."

While he conceded that "there are obviously things we can do on PC just because this is a studio where you give them a hardware limit and they'll expand to fill it and push it - higher resolution, slighter higher frame rate at that resolution, a few fancier lighting and graphical effects, whatever we can eke out the very latest generation of graphics cards for PC", he went on to state that the 360 version will match it in terms of look.

"But all the fundamentals - dynamic lighting, physics and AI - everything that has a material impact on the game is identical across platforms," Beynon bragged, "We were incredible proud of the 2033 version on Xbox - certainly the interiors make it one of the better looking games on Xbox still, and we've made massive improvements to the engine in terms of how we treat our out door environments as hopefully you saw in the build today."

"So we're really confident that 360 owners are going to really like what they see," he concluded.

Source: OXM UK


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Dec 11, 2012
On DX9 settings perhaps, but how can they emulate DX11? "Emulate" is probably the key, though I found the DX11 settings in "Metro 2033" actually quite distracting at times. Not in a good way either.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Dec 11, 2012
Brilliant trailer.

The Xbox version will look startlingly like PC version only to console owners, the rest of us are not getting fooled :).
By obiwanmccartney (SI Veteran Newbie) on Dec 12, 2012
What they really mean is likely that the pc version is going to be sub par, bring it down to console level.
By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Dec 12, 2012
Now that was an awesome trailer. I love the explanation of the creation of Earth, the living things, but each time seeing the twisted version, and then it finishes by saying we have been abandoned or God died.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Dec 13, 2012
@nocutius - I think you're spot on! When consoles get the same as PC's - it is because the PC GET the same as the console...