Splash Damage releases alpha gameplay trailer for Dirty Bomb
Posted: 14.12.2012 13:55 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
The free-to-play online shooter Dirty Bomb from Splash Damage has just received its first gameplay trailer from the studio, which features "pre-alpha" mayhem around London Bridge. $30 gets you into the beta.

The Founders Club offers those desperate to get in on the action the chance right now if you shove a fistful of cash at them. It ranges from $30 all the way up to the 'VIP Founder Pack' at $320.

You can sign up for free of course, which will let you reserve an alias and be given a chance at the closed beta. If you pay money then you're given "priority access".

The Founder's Club accepts $30 for Veteran, $60 for Elite and $120 for Legendary. However Splash Damage also tease the 'Inner Circle' which offers much bulkier reward tiers, jam-packed with actual physical goodies along with priority access to "alphas and betas" for Dirty Bomb. It's $240 for the Contributor Pack, and $320 for the VIP Founder Pack.

"Players who join the Founders Club will have a voice, help sculpt what the game becomes, and ensure our focus on areas important to them," say Splash Damage. "With your feedback, you’ll help shape movement, weapons and abilities, and ensure the game’s smooth feel and high skill ceiling. You’ll help test features such as eSports, before launch."

Dirty Bomb is a PC exclusive multiplayer first-person shooter from the creators of Brink and Enemy Territory.

Source: NowGamer
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