War of the Roses getting Battle of Wakefield DLC on 19th December
Posted: 17.12.2012 16:21 by Comments: 2
Paradox Interactive has announced a free content update for War of the Roses titled "Winter Has Arrived". The new DLC will be available on the 19th December and will focus on the wintry Battle of Wakefield. The DLC will feature two snowy maps based on the battles that were fought in Wakefield and Towton.

If that weren't enough, new weapons, the Dagger and Sword of Mary for Christís Mass will be available on the 21st December at a reduced price. The DLC, based on medieval depictions of the Virgin Mary, will be full price on the 26th December.

Paradox will also be hosting a special War of the Roses broadcast demonstrating both new maps and showing off all the new content on TwitchTV on the 29th December.

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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Dec 17, 2012
MP-only. A shame. The again, "Medieval:..." looks to be a lot better anyway, with PC Powerplay (Aussie PC mag) giving them 5/10 and 8/10 respectively.
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Dec 17, 2012
Bleh, not nearly as good as chivalry, I don't enjoy it as much :/