Men of War dev announce crowd-funded Call to Arms, "modern war setting" RTS
Posted: 18.12.2012 14:34 by Simon Priest Comments: 5
Digitalmindsoft has got enough funds together to begin production on their next project, Call to Arms, with "every cent offered" by crowd funding funnelled into the RTS.

This new RTS from the studio will feature their "innovative "direct control" feature," a third-person action mode. There'll be two playable factions, 20 vehicles and over 60 firearms.

The aim of the project is for the RTS to "capture the unique combat strategies faced by today’s soldiers" through action and tactical gameplay. Call to Arms is due in Q4 2013.

"We have raised enough funds to begin developing Call to Arms, but with the assistance of our loyal community, we aim to create the best RTS gaming experience yet. Every cent offered will go towards developing the game, allowing us to provide our supporters with the high quality game they desire,” said Digitalmindsoft's managing director Chris Kramer.

The studio is teaming up with publisher Lace Mamba Global who'll bring it to retail in late 2013.

"We are absolutely delighted to be working with Chris and his team at Digitalmindsoft on this exciting new addition to the RTS genre. From our first meeting with Chris we were all very impressed with his passion for creating quality, innovative games and shared a common vision for Call to Arms from the outset,” said Lace Mamba CEO Adam Lacey.

The Call to Arms crowd source campaign is running on the studio's official website. For the project to reach full funding they need to raise €100,000. It's a "true successor" to their acclaimed Men of War series. "Like you, we fought countless battles across Europe, but time stops for no man and change is coming. The era of modern warfare has begun!"

Digitalmindsoft has announced their own reward tiers and tease stretch goals. Having just begun, they just over 60 backers having pledged more than €1,500. Check out the Call to Arms campaign for more information.
Source: Call to Arms

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By nocutius (SI Elite) on Dec 18, 2012
This could be quite good :).
By djole381 (SI Elite) on Dec 18, 2012
Indeed. I always wanted to see a modern version of "Men of War". I just hope there won't be "Desert Only" setting.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Dec 18, 2012
After "Vietnam" I'm not so sure. That stunk.
By lolnon (I just got here) on Dec 19, 2012
herodotus, they're different developers. Digialmindsoft worked on the original Men of War and Assault Squad.
So the community is excited and optimistic.

Red Tide, Vietnam, and Condemned Heroes were developed by 1C Company.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Dec 19, 2012
Gotcha (for shame).
I'm afraid I don't keep a very close eye on the series as I've never been a fan, hence my wayward error. Tried to get into these games, starting back with "Heroes" but it never quite did it for me. No doubt be passing on this as well and play the expansion to "Achtung Panzer: Operation Star" instead.