Rez HD review
Posted: 01.02.2008 17:22 by Comments: 3
Mike Bowden played Rez HD and lets us know what he thought about it. He was a huge fan of the original game and concludes that Rez HD is even better. Check out his article and read his praise in full.

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Conclusion (9.7):
How can you improve on near gaming perfection? Well, the answer is itself a question, why should you? Rez HD is not only a must have XBLA game, itís a must have title in itself. Although it is now a good few years old Ė but still not ancient enough to be classed as retro Ė Rez HD still looks down at the gaming world from its lofty perch smiling wryly to itself, comfortable in the knowledge that all these years have gone by and nothing has really ever come close. Itís simply the best game Iíve played in years. It still feels fresh and original and totally unlike anything Iíve ever experienced before and since. Stop reading this and download it.

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By Kres (SI Elite) on Feb 01, 2008
Graphic score 9 and the game has geometrical shapes??
By Mike Bowden (SI Member) on Feb 02, 2008
Mike Bowden
Well unfortunately you can\'t give a score for art design. So I took art design to mean graphics and gave it a 9. Believe me, it\'s so simple it\'s beautiful\n\nIn the review I do say that it\'s definitely a case of style over super-detailed pixels with bloom and high def shine all over them. The graphics work perfectly for the game and do create a wonderful atmosphere, hence the 9.\n\nHope that clears things up. :)
By Kres (SI Elite) on Feb 04, 2008
Hm yeah but it takes more time for graphical teams to develop something that isn\'t pure geometric versus those that are. So not sure if they deserve to be scored high for that. Anyway, that is just my opinion :)