Hours remain for Project GODUS and survival-RPG Forsaken Fortress [UPDATE]
Posted: 21.12.2012 12:41 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
[UPDATE: GODUS has been successfully funded. It finished with 17,183 backers and raised £526,543.]

The Kickstarter campaign for 22cans' Project GODUS is very nearly over with just 5 hours remaining. It stands at just over £508k with the online co-op and 'possession mode' stretch goal achieved.

Also ticking away the final 24 hours having achieved funding is Photon Productions' Forsaken Fortress, which is an RPG where we assemble a team, manage a base and survive the post apocalypse.

Peter Molyneux's team of God-builders has decided to split their final stretch goal in two, so if somehow they reach £525k then Linux will be supported; £550k for Ouya.

Backers for GODUS have however unlocked 3 additional single and multiplayer modes, the feature to build our own sects (guilds), have the story authored by BAFTA winner James Leach, and scored multiplayer co-op and first-person "world crafting" through possession mode. Right now 22cans is polling backers on some gory details.

Meanwhile, New York-based Photon Productions has been busy preparing for the end of the world. Their survival-RPG Forsaken Fortress would have us assemble a team of survivalists, build and manage a base of operations and then go out scavenging for critical resources. The great news is that the Kickstarter campaign is already funded!

However they've got another 18 hours to go and a little more couldn't hurt. They've got over $112k pledged and have unlocked two stretch goals, which includes a free play mode. Their next milestone would be at $120k to have scenario modes featured like defence, CTF, search and destroy etc. Forsaken Fortress is for PC, Mac and Linux.

22cans are also inviting anyone in the Guildford area that's a GODUS backer to join them at the studio for the final countdown from 17:30 GMT tonight. Just remember to bring "a bottle and some snacks!" 22cans are running a live stream of the final Kickstarter moments via a broadcast. Hopefully servers won't melt this time.

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