Mars: War Logs cyberpunk RPG gets fresh screens, due out spring 2013
Posted: 11.01.2013 14:51 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Spider Studios has released some fresh in-game shots of their Red Planet-based cyberpunk RPG, Mars: War Logs. We get combat, stealth, trickery, Technomancer powers, and craftable gear.

We play as Roy Temperance, with "dozens of skills and perks" to build him up. Mars: War Logs is due this spring on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and PC.

Publisher Focus Home released a reveal trailer around a month back. A cataclysm struck Mars 100 years ago with water now the most precious resource among the slums.

"Mars War Logs plunges you into a thrilling cyberpunk RPG on the Red Planet. You will develop Roy and his combat style by choosing from dozens of skills and perks. Pick from pure combat, stealth and trickery, or fierce Technomancer powers. The choice is yours!" blurbs the official Mars: War Logs press release.

"The real-time combat system requires both reflexes and tactics while you battle fearsome opponents and Mars' most terrifying creatures in dynamic combat. The crafting system lets you create and modify equipment to maintain an edge over your enemies. Dialogue choices as well as your actions will influence the destiny of everyone Roy crosses paths with...and perhaps the fate of all the colonies on Mars."

Mars: War Logs releases on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this spring digitally.


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