Crytek to "do something different" with Crysis after trilogy
Posted: 22.01.2013 13:13 by Simon Priest Comments: 3
Once the trilogy of Crysis is complete, its creator Crytek will be looking to enter the IP into "a new space" and won't necessarily deal with the same narrative thread spun throughout the first-person shooter.

Producer Michael Elliot Read believes Crysis 3 "hits a balance" between the Crysis 1 & 2, with Crytek looking to "end this part of the trilogy with a bang." Where will it go afterward? RPG? RTS?

The German studio has expressed an interest before, looking how to evolve Crysis beyond its FPS origins. Crysis offers FPS fans "something substantially different".

"People will come to the series for a number of different reasons. Whether it’s for the graphics, the unique gameplay modes we have in there thanks to the addition of these suit mechanisms, and some of the AI systems that we are bringing into Crysis 3," Michael Elliot Read told Digitally Downloaded. "This is a game especially for people that love shooters and want to get into something substantially different from what you would get from some of the corridor shooters out there."

"We have done a lot of work defining the gameplay experience so that it is more of a dynamic experience so that my experience in playing through single player is different to yours." While the team has been focused on bringing back the 'openness' that the original game had, it would be "incorrect" to ever think of Crysis as 'open world'.

"Crysis, in terms of the story, has always been a very linear, cinematic storytelling experience, and we have done a lot of work on that - even moreso than we had on previous games," said Read.

"In terms of the maps and designs, some people come back to us and say “Crysis is very open world," but I think that is an incorrect statement. We still have players on a set path to achieving goals and we still do that by adding in UI interface things that keep people pushing forward."

Whatever the opinion of Crysis' game world, it's undeniable that it's a blockbuster franchise. Crytek won't be letting it sleep after the trilogy concludes but they don't want to keep doing just more of the same.

"I think over the last five years we have built up a strong and identifiable franchise, especially in the FPS area. We are now talking about what we can do in taking the Crysis franchise into a new space and do something different outside of the story we have been telling with this trilogy," he continued.

Check out the full interview between Michael Elliot Read and Digitally Downloaded.

Crysis 3 releases on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC February 19th in the US, 22nd in EU.

Source: CVG

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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jan 22, 2013
It's a if "Crysis 3" is already done, dusted, released and forgotten. I'm afraid that that just might end up being the case.
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Jan 22, 2013
I really don`t see crysis as anything other than an fps,they might be able to do an RTS but it`d have to be developed by someone other than Crytek.
By HenoKutus (SI Elite) on Jan 23, 2013
Homefront 2 will be more interesting!