Activision-Blizzard: Number of Guitar Hero titles available will triple in 2010
Posted: 16.09.2008 16:43 by dtungsten Comments: 3
How much is too much? We may find out if Mike Griffith, CEO of Publishing for Activision-Blizzard has his way. According to an article on Shacknews, he announced during the Activion-Blizzard Analysts Day that Activision intends to double the number of available Guitar Hero titles in 2009, and triple that in 2010.

He indicated that the expansion refers to both retail titles and to the downloadable content available for the games. He intends to bring more developers and more hardware suppliers to the party in order to accomplish this goal.

While no details were apparently released my unofficial count shows that there are currently six Guitar Hero titles available for purchase right now, counting Guitar Hero: World Tour which ships in October 2008. That could make twelve titles available in 2009 and 18 for 2010 if we understand Griffith correctly.


By Florentin (SI Veteran Member) on Sep 16, 2008
What a cool screen shot!
Kids are really into this guitar hero thing, no doubt.
So much so, that some kids started to believe they can actually play guitar.
Too cute :)
By ScythSoulces (SI Core) on Sep 16, 2008
Yes, good there not going to stop. I love to play guitar hero to listen to all the good music.
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Sep 16, 2008
I LOVE Guitar Hero!!! I really do...