War Thunder goes global in its open beta
Posted: 28.01.2013 19:52 by Comments: 6
Gaijin Entertainment has announced that it has expanded the open beta for its World War II action MMO War Thunder globally. Gamers in Europe, North America and South America will be able to join their Russian counterparts.

The open beta will be based on a new 1.27 update, which will feature the following changes:

∑ Updated interface: All menus, hangar elements, planes, stats, and achievement screens were changed and upgraded with additional data to be more informative and user-friendly.
∑ Communication functions: General game chat was added, as well as all necessary communication functions such as private channels, friend lists, and blacklists.
∑ Team play: The long-awaited combat wings formations are now available. Teaming up into groups of 2 or 4 pilots, players will be able to join regular battles together and use team play tactics to bring victory to their brothers in arms.
∑ Realistic battles: This new third mode of War Thunderís regular PvP battles includes cockpit view only, no markers on enemy ground targets, a simulator difficulty preset, and specifically designed levels and combat scenarios. With the priceless assistance of the open beta participants, Gaijin will continue to improve War Thunderís realistic battles to ensure that they satisfy even the most sophisticated virtual pilots.
∑ New flight models: More than a hundred flight models were completely reworked and fine-tuned. Gaijin has also introduced several new aircraft in the British and German beta technical trees, and added a number of bomb, rocket, and fuel modifications for dozens of planes.

Players looking to register for the open beta can do so here.

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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jan 29, 2013
Looks good, but as I found with "Wings of Prey" looks aren't everything. How it will compare with "World of Warplanes" will be interesting, but I'd say the Arcade approach Gaigin takes (despite a few nods to the simulation crowd) will attract an audience it will appeal to, brought up on "HAWX", "Ace Combat" and the like. Won't pass judgement yet though.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jan 29, 2013
I wouldn't count on World of Warplanes too much if Word of Tanks is any indication.
Expect a huge amount of grind, unfair matchmaking, the game arbitrarily deciding if your killshot actually did any damage or not and also planes to be literally invisible when hiding behind a tiny cloud 50m away from you.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jan 29, 2013
Show those guys how it's done :)
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jan 29, 2013
So was "Wings of Prey", which many still maintain is a good title. I don't, and I loathed Gaigin's patching process through YuPlay (as opposed to Ubisoft's "UPlay").
Yes the visuals were good (though yellowed and over-bloomed) but the "unlocking" of missions to progress in the Campaigns betrayed it's console parent "Birds of Prey". Won't see that here, but there will be plenty of Unlocks I'll bet and I'll also wager that like "WoT" it will be Pay-to-win.