Special Forces: Team X announced by Microprose, a "team centric" shooter
Posted: 31.01.2013 13:47 by Simon Priest Comments: 3
Microprose is officially announcing Special Forces: Team X, a third-person cover shooter, which promises us "brutal firefights between elite squads" as it focuses on teams in "tomorrow's world".

It's all about "clandestine military power" with these special force agents. Developer Zombie Studios has developed online play so co-operation between team members is "richly rewarded".

They also boast of a "unique map selection system," that lets players "shape the battlefield by selecting individual environmental pieces," creating 100 map combinations.

"Special Forces: Team X (STX) is a team centric 3rd Person cover based shooter, featuring brutal firefights between elite squads of special force operatives. STX takes place in tomorrow's world, one that is infested with conflicts amongst the geo-political power brokers," blurbs the official Microprose press release.

"A world in which conventional warfare is dead, diplomacy is an affront to the hidden agenda of national objectives, and global strategy is accomplished using clandestine military power."

They also reveal licensed weaponry in Team X such as "Kalashnikov, Colt, Famas, Sig Sauer and Mossberg, thanks to our partnership with Cybergun SA. Each weapon offers a large variety of upgrades and all are fully customizable."

They continued: "STX supports asymmetric game play with 2-4 teams and 5 frenetic game types. Cooperative play between team members is richly rewarded, giving small coordinated teams an advantage in the battle. Players also can choose to take dogs into the firefight with them. Use the dogs of war to guard your back or eliminate the enemy."

Special Forces: Team X releases on Xbox 360 and PC February 6th.


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jan 31, 2013
When did Microprose arise from the ashes of gaming history (after it was bought by Mattel in the late '90's)? If it's back, where's "F14: Fleet Defender 2"????
Anyway, will keep an eye out on this, but I've a feeling it'll be another console port so.....
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jan 31, 2013
Yea, just reading the word Microprose bring back fantastic memories, not for this kind of a game though.
By HenoKutus (SI Elite) on Feb 01, 2013
Borderlands 2 mixed with Army Of Two!