Guild Wars 2 latest patch live, ArenaNet explains "living story"
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The latest content update and patch for ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 MMO is now live. It's entitled 'Flame and Frost: Prelude', and begins to introduce a "multi-stage narrative" that will bring "big changes" in the coming months.

This is a "living story" and the studio describes these as narratives that "bring the world to life." ArenaNet use them to add new heroic characters, plot twists and dramatic world changing events.

These narrative events aren't forever there to be participated in, but do leave a lasting legacy as the tale evolves over time. They won't announce how long each is available.

ArenaNet's Angel McCoy explains the Living Story:

"The job of the Living Story team is to bring the world to life. On an ongoing basis, we’ll spin out story threads that will introduce you to new heroic characters, mysterious plot twists, and dramatic moments that affect the world."

"You’ll discover new dynamic events—some that will change Tyria—and you’ll have the opportunity to take part in history in the making."

"If you love interactive stories and find the inhabitants of Tyria interesting, then this content is for you. It’s designed to change up what’s happening in the world and to add to the evolving story and challenge of the game. None of this is required content you need to play in order to level your character. But, fair warning: once you meet these characters and learn their stories, you may find yourself logging in more regularly to see how it’s all turning out! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Hee.)"

"The Living Story is simultaneously transitory and permanent. As the story arcs play out, the tale evolves. Each portion of the Living Story narrative will only be available for a certain period of time, yet it will have repercussions in the world and upon the people living in it. The occurrences in the Living Story leave their mark—both scars and flowerbeds—and these wounds and blessings are permanent."

The developer will add themed story arcs with the first being Flame and Frost, where players will need to help out refugees trickling down from the Shiverpeaks in both the Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau. New heroic characters are also introduced, but they will rotate in already well-known personalities.

These are not like the Holdiay or major events that kick off in Guild Wars 2.

"The Living Story is different from our in-game Holidays or major events, because it’s based around an evolving storyline rather than a single festival. We’ll begin by introducing plotlines in our regular game releases," blogged McCoy.

"Because The Living Story is designed to be an organic experience, the story content will, at times, proceed with much less fanfare than our holidays or major events. You’ll witness the citizens of Tyria living their lives, fighting their foes, making good and bad decisions, and paying the consequences for them; and if you choose, you can be the friend who sees them through their darkest hours and who joins them in their celebrations."

'Flame and Frost: Prelude' offers a "light preamble" and teaser of what's to come.

Elsewhere in the content update there's now an improved achievement system, as well as new achievement laurels to be earned, and a new guesting system which lets you play with friends on other server worlds within your region without changing home worlds. There is to be a gem fee for transfers going forward.

There are also new Utility Infusions and Ascended Amulets, joining other upgrades and improvements. For more information about Flame and Frost: Prelude visit the official website, or check out Angel McCoy's blog post.

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