Notch won't be funding Psychonauts 2
Posted: 06.02.2013 18:06 by Comments: 4
Despite swimming in $101M in revenue from 2012, Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson won't be backing Psychonauts 2, despite initially expressing an interest to do so last year.

In a Reddit interview, Persson recalled, "I somewhat naively thought 'a couple of million' was two million. I had no doubt in my mind that a Psychonauts 2 would earn that money back easily. Turns out they wanted 18 million dollars, haha. I don't have the time at the moment to even try to get educated enough to make an 18 million dollar deal. Perhaps in some distant future when I'm no longer trying to make games, I could get into angel investing. I've made one private investment into a game so far, at $100K, and it's frankly a lot more work than I thought."

One wonders why Double Fine and Persson wouldn't launch a Kickstarter campaign to defray some of the costs of the game, filling in the rest. Double Fine Adventure alone raised $3.3M as an unknown IP.
Source: Shacknews
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By Hammerjinx (SI Core) on Feb 07, 2013
18m... and that's just Notch's share. On one hand he could flush 18m down the tube and still have more way money than 99% of people, on the other hand if the dev team and him aren't buddies then it's still a ridiculous request.

That said, if I were multi-millions rich, I'd have a guy who looks into this crap for me to work out the feasibility of investments and shit. From the above it sounds like he'd be cool with putting up the 18m if it was a sensible investment and he didn't have to do any work or thinking - much like developing Minecraft ;P
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Feb 07, 2013
Why not launch a Kickstarter and see how many people donate. I'm willing to bet at least $6M can be raised that way.
By Hammerjinx (SI Core) on Feb 07, 2013
Depends on what they're trying to do with the project, and how much capital they have now. You're not supposed to do a Kickstarter unless you're goal is sufficient to realise the goal. If they "need" $18M or there's no point in trying then they're supposed to either ask for the whole amount (and come up short) or secure what they can and kick up the rest.

I think expecting to get $6M is ambitious as hell. DoubleFine Adventure got $3.3M and that was a lot, lot more than most projects can expect to see. If you set a target over $1M you run a strong risk of getting zilch.

Also, a failed Kickstarter would be bad, bad press. They may as well cancel the project if that happens.