Beyond: Two Souls release date coming soon
Posted: 07.02.2013 19:39 by Nick Akerman Comments: 2
David Cage has confirmed Beyond: Two Souls is approaching its beta and will receive a release date soon.

"Beyond is almost in beta. It will come out this year and the release date will be announced soon," he told IGN.

The Quantic Dreams writer, who is penning the long-awaited follow up to Heavy Rain, also commented on the rumours that the PS4 console will block pre-owned games.

"On one hand, I understand consumerís position. Games are expensive. When they buy something they want to be able to trade it, most of the time to buy more games. I can understand that point."

"On the other side, I understand the point of the industry. Each time you buy a used game, this is money that doesnít go into the pocket of the people that took the risk to create this, to finance it, to develop it. This is also unfair."

Cage suggested he isn't the right man to solve such a conundrum.

"So I donít know what is the right answer. I donít know if making this impossible (to play used games) is the answer. Maybe it is, maybe itís not. Maybe itís more about explaining and about telling people who really love games that if they buy used games, there will be a day where there wonít be any new games at all."
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By HenoKutus (SI Elite) on Feb 08, 2013
Not everybody has the money to buy new games all the time,if they forbid used games they will totally destroy the market and the gameshops as well!
By wolfsrain (SI Member) on Feb 09, 2013
But they've started that few years ago on PC. Just now reached the console. So welcome to the pains of the "master race".