Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta begins the 25th February
Posted: 16.02.2013 16:55 by Comments: 2
A FATE encounter.
Has there ever been a more tortured MMO than Final Fantasy XIV? Square-Enix has announced that the beta will be starting on the 25th February - mind you, this is an MMO that launched launched on the 30th September 2010.

Of course, the original MMO was so broken that Square-Enix made it free-to-play for over a year before completely rebooting the MMO as "A Realm Reborn".

The beta will have a level cap of 15, and will take place in and around Gridania. Oddly, there will be an instance which is aimed at level 30 players; perhaps it will give parties an uber-challenge.

The beta will also be testing a new system, called Full Active Time Events (FATE), which will simply be a random encounter of special monsters that occur anywhere in a non-instanced area.

This beta will take 2-4 weeks, the longest of the four scheduled beta phases.
Source: Shacknews
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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Feb 16, 2013
For the fans I hope this is a better release than the last. Really though, it is strictly for fans only. The world is so complex and convoluted....
By hatari5200 (I just got here) on Feb 17, 2013
Did you play the alpha? I did and FFXIV:ARR is like a completely different game. The complexness and confusion is completely gone, replace with direction, straightforwardness, fun, and so many new and cool ideas.

Being a jaded day one player from version 1.0 I did not expect much. But SquareEnix, and specifically the director YoshiP, have worked tirelessly to deliver a top-notch MMO. They have added something for everyone yet still maintain alot of the community driven features that FF online is known for.

It is definitely now a game for everyone and certainly not 'just for the fans'.