Mythic CEO Gives Reasons to Play WAR over WoW
Posted: 22.09.2008 09:09 by dtungsten Comments: 3
Mark Jacobs, the CEO of Mythic Entertainment, told readers on MTV why they should choose to play Warhammer Online instead of World of Warcraft. In the interview published yesterday to mark the WAR launch date, Jacobs gave three major reasons that he felt made WAR better than WoW. First it has the best realm verses realm combat, casual gamers will find more for them than in WoW, and finally if you are just tired of WoW then you can come and try something new.

“If you’re looking for the latest and greatest RvR of any MMO, you come to play our game. … We’ve put so many things in there, that if you’re a casual player you should come here. … We want you to have fun in our game, and we want you to feel like you can accomplish something. You won’t come in and go, `If I can’t get four hours in straight, I’m going to feel awful, `” said Jacobs.

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By Orv (SI Core) on Sep 22, 2008
My current leaning is that I will wait until around Thanksgiving (end of November) while keeping an eye on how Warhammer is doing, then consider getting a copy and a 3 month subscription to give it a spin.
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Sep 22, 2008
By ScythSoulces (SI Core) on Sep 22, 2008
Stop....just Stop. X_X