Devs reveal upcoming Far Cry 3 updates
Posted: 19.02.2013 08:55 by Comments: 0
Feedback on user-created maps.
UbiSoft Montreal has announced in the official forums some of the major improvements that will be coming to Far Cry 3 in a future update.

One of the major features is the new Master difficulty setting for those players who have found the other levels a cakewalk. The Master level will feature "more aggressive wildlife, tougher pirates, and more deadly privateers."

Other fixes will focus on the community. UbiSoft Montreal states that the update will include a more intuitive way of rating and providing feedback on user-created maps. They will also make it easier for players to find maps by the same author. Finally, map creators will have the option to publish a map as a beta, allowing players to test it and give feedback on it.

Finally, UbiSoft is bowing to popular demand and adding the ability for players to reset outposts in the single player campaign so that players can enjoy re-tackling them.
Source: UbiSoft