Battlefield 4 being shown off behind closed doors
Posted: 20.02.2013 06:08 by Comments: 3
Battlefield 4 is supposed to be unveiled sometime in the next two months, according to Electronic Arts, but apparently, demos are being shown behind closed doors these days.

This is known because GameStop CEO J Paul Raines announced in a tweet (that has been since removed) “Got to see Battlefield 4 today and all I can say is wow. Thanks EA for the sneak peek. Can’t wait for you all to see it.”

Gamers who bought Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be granted automatic access to the Battlefield 4 beta, when ever that may be.

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By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Feb 20, 2013
I really wonder what they will push out this time as news? I can't say that I feel the slightest interest in yet another military shooter...
By Paceydre (SI Member) on Feb 20, 2013
They will say the commander is back.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Feb 22, 2013
Not something that would make me go back to the wallhacked alley of deaths and similar gameplay still. If I had many more friends that I played with on a regular basis perhaps. But not now.