WWE 2K officially is now a part of the 2K Sports family
Posted: 20.02.2013 17:32 by Comments: 0
The negotiations are over, and Take 2 has officially struck a deal with WWE to have exclusive rights on the videogame license. As such, WWE '14 will be retitiled to fit in with the rest of the 2K Sports line, and is now WWE 2K14.

Original rights holder THQ had been dissolved, leaving the WWE on the hook for an unpaid, unsecured $45M loan.

The licensing agreement will run for five years, while Take 2 has hired some of the key designers of the THQ development team that had worked on the WWE series, while bringing back longtime WWE games developer Yukes from Japan.

According to Take 2, the publisher will be conferring with Yukes and developer Visual Concepts on how to "really ratchet this game up for this year.”

WWE 2K14 is on track to be released this coming Fall 2013.
Source: ESPN