Free-to-play MMO Dragon's Prophet shows off its beastiary
Posted: 21.02.2013 18:27 by Comments: 0
Infernum and Deep Silver have released a new trailer for their upcoming free-to-play MMO Dragon's Prophet, which explains how to properly train your dragon.

Dragon's Prophet will feature over 300 unique dragons which must be discovered, captured and tamed. If a player and their dragon bond well enough, they'll develop intense faithfulness. According to developer Runewalker, "they complement both the player’s avatar and intensify the gameplay possibilities."

Each of the dragons have special abilities. Some fly, some glide, some are wingless and swim underwater. Dragons also own special powers like healing, buffing and direct melee combat. Players can teach them new skills or be told to go out and collect resources. When a dragon earns enough personal experience, they can be used to improve the beast's attributes.

Check out the new trailer showing off the variety of dragon's available in the video below. Gamers interested in the MMO can visit the official site here.

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