Sony scales back list of European PlayStation 4 developers, drops almost half
Posted: 25.02.2013 15:33 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
There appears to be a little egg on Sony's face as they've revised the list of European developers currently working with their PlayStation 4 hardware. The list has gone from 53 studios to 28.

Last week the PlayStation 4 revealed and Sony issued a 149 strong list of worldwide dev partners, with 53 being in Europe. It appears Sony was a little hasty in declaring studio interest.

A few developers that were on the original list commented that they hadn't decided whether they'll be making something for PS4 yet or not, and it was a 'Sony error'.

The newly revised list of 28 European studios:

Avalanche Studios
Blitz Games Studios
Bohemia Interactive
CD Projekt RED
Climax Studios
Hello Games
Just Add Water (Developments), Ltd.
Deep Silver
Lucid Games Ltd
Ninja Theory Ltd
Nixxes Software BV
Paradox Interactive
Saber Interactive
Creative Assembly
IO Interactive
Starbreeze Studios
2K Games
Team 17 Digital LTD
Zen Studios
keen games
Splash Damage
Stainless Games Ltd
Sumo Digital
TT Games

The likes of Criterion Games and Mojang have been removed, but Sumo Digital has been added. So far Sony is yet to actually show the PlayStation 4 itself having only teased the newly designed controller.
Source: VG247