WildStar's Mechari race introduced
Posted: 27.02.2013 18:26 by Comments: 0
To introduce the cyborg race Mechari of the overlord Dominion faction in the upcoming MMO WildStar, Carbine has created a fake interview with one of them, Voxine, who explains her point of view and opines on the dissident Exiles.

According to Voxine, "The Mechari are a race of sentient, mechanical beings created by the Eldan to serve and protect the Dominion. As the Eldan were the most advanced race in galactic history, the elegant complexity of our design makes us uniquely qualified to ensure the Dominion's continued success."

Not being organic, the Mechari have been around a very long time. "Despite the perfection of our design, we do require occasional repair and maintenance in order to ensure the highest level of performance. That being said, we do not age in the same frail manner as organics. There are a number of Mechari Millennials who have lived for more than two thousand years," she stated.

As for the Exiles, "Know this: no one will be allowed to contaminate planet Nexus or threaten the Dominionís rightful legacy. The ICI will make certain of that."

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Source: WildStar
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