Petroglyph announces Victory on Kickstarter, a team-based action-strategy for $700k
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End of Nations and Star Wars: Empire at War developer Petroglyph Games has started their very own Kickstarter campaign for Victory, a WW2 themed action-strategy set in the Africa theatre.

It's the Desert Rats vs. the Afrika Korps "using RTS-like controls" in typically fast game sessions of 15-20 minutes. Our units are finite with each battle rewarding more.

However this "is not an RTS", says Petroglyph, as there's "no base-building or resource management". Instead we'll get card decks arming us with new units which we use in battle.

Victory's units each fulfil "a specific role with strengths and weaknesses that you can exploit to maximum tactical efficiency." We have the tank, the scout, rifle infantry and heavy infantry. They use a rock, paper, scissors hierarchy: tank > scout > rifle infantry > heavy infantry > tank. Armoured units can also suffer flanking damage.

Petroglyph are also utilizing line of sight with units that are elevated getting a distinct advantage, as well as offering strategic cover positions to hold of enemy advancements.

Units gain experience as they're used in more battles, "becoming more powerful with every battle fought." We also earn in-game currency that is used to unlock collectible packs of "new units, special orders, and enhancements, expanding your continually-growing collection." Choosing your deck is another level of strategy and customisation.

Battles are won by simply capturing, defending and holding victory regions on the maps, or "march down a winner-take-all path of total annihilation against your opponents." Right now Victory is in the "playable prototype phase," and is powered using Petroglyph's GLYPHX Online game engine.

Summary highlights:
• World War II setting
• Online team vs. team battle arena
• Choose units from your collection to bring into each match
• Command squads of units using RTS-like controls and viewpoint
• Win by capturing and holding key map locations or by destroying all enemy units
• If all your units are destroyed, you are out of the match; continue to observe or leave and join a new one
• Each match typically lasts 15-20 minutes
• Your units become more powerful after each match, and you earn in-game currency
• Spend your in-game currency to buy booster Commander Packs containing random, collectible units and more
• For PC / Windows
• Victory is not an RTS - there is no base-building or resource management

“If World of Tanks, StarCraft and League of Legends had a baby, it would be Victory," said project lead Oksana Kubushyna. Petroglyph is asking for $700,000 in order to see their Kickstarter campaign funded. There are plenty of reward tiers with alpha, closed beta and prototype access on the table starting at $25.

For more information about Petroglyph's action-strategy Victory check out the official Kickstarter.

If you want to learn more, make sure you check out our full interview with Lead Designer Evan Humphreys.
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