Divinity Original Sin "makes sense" on consoles, Dragon Commander not so much
Posted: 06.03.2013 12:44 by Comments: 1
Larian would consider bringing their upcoming RPG Divinity: Original Sin to console, CEO Sven Vinke has commented, but that Dragon Commander wouldn’t work anymore.

Speaking to Strategy Informer, Vinke mentioned that a console version of Original Sin was simply down to finance and development:

"Original Sin makes sense on console for me, I think, if you do it split screen. Couch co-op would be great… that’s purely a financial aspect, we just need to develop it."

While Dragon Commander – their upcoming action/RTs – was originally conceived for consoles, Vinke doesn’t think it would work with a controller in its current form:

"Dragon Commander originally was demoed on a console – you remember seeing it – but as soon as we went full RTS, we had to abandon it. Have you seen what you’re doing with your camera and everything? I don’t see it working with a console controller."

At the moment, both Dragon Commander and Original Sin have only been announced for PC and Mac. Dragon Commander is expected in Q2 2013, while Original Sin later in the year.


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Mar 06, 2013
I haven't played either title, and may have to rectify that when I can. The money is in consoles obviously, yet many Eastern European (Russia and it's environs) developers still couldn't care less about consoles and focus primarily on the PC. There are the exceptions such as Gaigin but that's about it.