Defiance enters final beta phase, available on console for first time
Posted: 13.03.2013 13:48 by Nick Akerman Comments: 1
Trion Worlds' upcoming Defiance shooter is set to enter its third and final PC beta from March 22. Console players will be able to grab a taste of the game for the first time from this date, with the beta finishing on March 25.

Participants in Advanced Mission Beta 3 will get to play as Ark Hunters, genetically engineered supersoldiers who possess thousands of upgrade combinations.

The beta will allow players to explore the Mt. Tam and Madera regions with co-op battles on Angel Island and the Cronkhite Bunker. Competitive multiplayer is also included on the Freight Yard and Observatory.

Defiance is scheduled for an April 2 release. Are you getting on board?


By HenoKutus (SI Elite) on Apr 07, 2013
I played it on PS3 and it is laggy when you turn sometimes and has quite a number of glitches,it plays like Red Faction .
However it compensates with all the players joining in battle and it is quite addictive after a while and it has a good soundtrack.
Just need some updates!