TellTale teases 'Fables' adaptation from DC's Vertigo line
Posted: 19.03.2013 10:53 by Jamie Davey Comments: 0
It's been well rumoured that TellTale Games may be working on an adventure game adaptation of DC Comics 'Fables' series from the Vertigo line.

Now TellTale has added more fuel to the fire by posting a single tweet on Twitter that teases "#howl".

IGN claims that it could reference Bigby Wolf, a half-man half-wolf character who features in the Vertigo series.

The most recent Fables book is named Fable: Werewolves of the Heartland, which could be what TellTale are trying to relate to in this tweet.

What do you make of it? Are TellTale working on a 'Fables' adaptation along with the next season of The Walking Dead? We'll find out soon.