Uncharted 3's free-to-play multiplayer downloaded 350,000 times
Posted: 20.03.2013 09:40 by Nick Akerman Comments: 1
Naughty Dog has revealed an interesting statistic over on the PS Blog. Since launching Uncharted 3's free multiplayer client on February 26, over 350,000 new players have signed up to try the game.

The free download allows players to reach level 15 without paying a penny. Once this milestone has been reached, players have the option of paying $5 if they want to progress towards level 25, or $20 to remove the level cap.

Naughty Dog is set to support Uncharted 3's multiplayer with a host of paid DLC. The first batch will be an Oddball-themed set of character parts, which is available today.


By HenoKutus (SI Elite) on Mar 20, 2013
Awesome co-op!