Human Head devs form new Grimm Bros studio
Posted: 21.03.2013 09:26 by Nick Akerman Comments: 0
Two developers from Prey 2's Human Head Studios have broken free to set up their own company. Grimm Bros was formed by former HH COO Ash Montif, who is the new studio's CEO. He is joined by concept artist Randis Albion, who will take on the responsibility of COO at Grimm Bros.

Interestingly, the new team will work on games based around literary works.

"I have always been a fan of complex subject matter," Monif told Edge.

"I grew up reading the classics Grimm, Chaucer, Tolkien - and I feel that today's games gloss over a lot of the richness that can be found within these great works."

"Our goal is to build a community of core and mid-core gamers who are seeking out a redefined RPG experience."

Grimm Bros' first game is an RPG for PC and tablets, which should debut at GDC 2013.