Sports Interactive announces Football Manager 1888
Posted: 02.04.2013 05:35 by Comments: 1
Sports Interactive is going old, old, incredibly old school football with Football Manager 1888, celebrating 125 years of the sport. Players will be able to be the manager of a La Belle Epoque team.

Playing in the late 19th century will present new challenges. "Managers will have to master the different rules of the game, including; no substitutions being permitted during matches, the off-side rule not yet being introduced to the game and players flying into tackles without fear of being sent off or conceding penalties. Players must also overcome other, more unusual, tests to their management credentials when faced with their star players being forced into immediate retirement following a bad injury or their entire back four being drafted up to the army," states the press release.

Are you ready for a gentlemanly game of soccer? Let us know with this April 1st 2013 announcement.


By wolfsrain (SI Member) on Apr 02, 2013
SI gets a nice plus for being imaginative on April's Fool Day.

But, even as a joke, the damn thing is appealing:)