Second Life released
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Linden Research, Inc has released the latest client files for their virtual world "game" Second Life. If one is unfamiliar, Second Life is similar to The Sims, but but much more life-like in scope. The world is nearly all user made through a creation feature that incorporates a 3D modeling tool with which all manner of virtual objects - from buildings to landscape, vehicles, furniture, and machines to use, trade, or sell - can be created. There is also a marketplace with a full economy using it's own currency. The virtual currency, called the Linden Dollar, can be traded for actual money, so the player can make real world profit by participating in this virtual world. Second Life boasts 20 million registered accounts, though regular users is estimated in only the millions. If this sounds interesting, give it a download.

Download Second Life

Second Life FAQ's
1. What is Second Life?

Second Life is a 3D digital world imagined and created by its Residents.

2. Is Second Life a MMORPG?

Yes and no. While the Second Life interface and display are similar to most popular massively multiplayer online role playing games (or MMORPGs), there are two key, unique differences:

1. Creativity: Second Life provides near unlimited freedom to its Residents. This world really is whatever you make it, and your experience is what you want out of it. If you want to hang out with your friends in a garden or nightclub, you can. If you want to go shopping or fight dragons, you can. If you want to start a business, create a game or build a skyscraper you can. It’s up to you.
2. Ownership: Instead of paying a monthly subscription fee, Residents can obtain their first Basic account for FREE. Additional Basic accounts cost a one-time flat fee of just $9.95. If you choose to get land to live, work and build on, you pay a monthly lease fee based on the amount of land you have. You also own anything you create—residents retain IP rights over their in-world creations.

3. Who will I meet there? And what is it really like?

Second Life is the size of a small city, with thousands of servers (called simulators) and a Resident population of over 12,282,169 (and growing). Residents come to the world from over 100 countries with concentrations in North America and the UK. Demographically, 60% are men, 40% are women and they span in age from 18 - 85. They are gamers, housewives, artists, musicians, programmers, lawyers, firemen, political activists, college students, business owners, active duty military overseas, architects, and medical doctors, to name just a few. There are even a fair number who make part or all of their real world living by being a creator in Second Life, more on that below. For further background, browse through these links of in-world footage, blogs, and fansites:

* News
Recent news articles
* Fansites
Dozens of resident-run sites

4. How much does Second Life cost?

A single Basic account is FREE. Additional Basic accounts cost a $9.95 one-time fee. Premium accounts (required for getting land) start at $9.95/month and up. See Pricing for details.

5. Can I get land in Second Life?

Yes. Leasing rates start from $9.95/month for a 512 square meter parcel of land. See Land for more information.

6. What computer hardware do I need for Second Life?

Please see our System Requirements page.

7. Can I try Second Life for free before I buy?

Yes! Your first Basic account is absolutely FREE, and includes unlimited access to Second Life's tools, events and communities. Additional Basic and Premium accounts cost $9.95 and will require payment information. You must be 18 years or older to join Second Life.

8. How do I get Second Life Linden Dollars? What if I run out of it?

You'll be given a small weekly stipend of L$ (Second Life's official unit-of-trade) when you sign up for a Premium account. Plus you can earn L$ by making and selling goods and services, holding events, and playing games.

Residents can buy and sell in-world L$ from the Linden Dollar Exchange, or from other third party websites. Some of these operators offer convenient in-world "ATM" machines to facilitate transactions. Try searching for ATMs in-world!

9. I don't know how to do 3D modeling. Does that mean I can't make things in Second Life?

Not at all. Building is easy, using built-in tools. And there are lots of daily Resident-run classes and tutorials to help you learn.

10. How do I find my way around Second Life?

The Second Life client comes with an updated-daily list of public Events, including games, parties, and contests; the Search window is a veritable traveler’s guide to Second Life—the places to see, the people to meet, and much more.

Outside the Second Life world, there are official discussion Forums, available to members at These cover a wide range of subjects, including upcoming projects in search of talented volunteers, and classified ads for buyers in search of sellers (and vice versa.) Several dozen Resident-run fansites, commercial websites and blogs also provide these services, and New World Notes ( is a great weekly news resource on current events, controversies, and the latest in Resident creativity.

11. Are there games in Second Life for me to play?

Yes. There are dozens of first-person shooters, strategy games, puzzle and adventure games, even board, and puzzle games.

Several regions of the world have been devoted to role playing, and resemble medieval towns, or futuristic cities. The building and scripting system even enables Residents to create their own version of a MMORPG, including hit points, character stats, and all the other classic elements.

Since gamers are a big part of the Second Life community, friendly games of combat are a regular event, especially in the official free-fire zones of Jessie and Rausch. (Weapons and combat vehicles are available for sale throughout Second Life.)

12. Can I start my own business in Second Life?

Yes. Shopping is a big part of the Second Life experience for many Residents. You can buy and sell anything that can be made in-world, from clothes, skins, wigs, jewelry, and custom animations for avatars, to furniture, buildings, weapons, vehicles, games, and more. Once you’re ready to bring your products to the market, it’s simply a matter of buying or sub-renting property, for opening up a shop. There are also Resident-owned malls which charge rental fees, or take a cut of your proceeds. As in the real world, the challenge is to build up a reputation that earns a steady stream of customers.

13. Why would I want to get land?

Having land in Second Life lets you have an on-going presence in the world, for your home, your business, or whatever other special place you've created. Even when you're not online, your friends or customers can stop by to leave you a message or shop for your latest creation. Think of it as your home away from home!

14. What is the ongoing cost of having land?

To get land you must sign up for the $9.95 per month Premium membership. You'll be able to purchase a 512 square meter plot of land before any land maintenance fees kick-in. See Land Pricing for more details.

Visit the Second Life website.

Download Second Life
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