CD Projekt RED: "Just no way" The Witcher 3 would run on current-gen
Posted: 05.04.2013 15:04 by Simon Priest Comments: 3
Sorry Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers but The Witcher 3 is exclusively next-gen hardware, and PC of course because that's "non-stop next-gen," remarked CD Projekt RED co-founder Marcin Iwinski.

Splitting it across the generations would lead to compromises that the studio won't make. It would take a "couple of years" to bring The Witcher 3 to Xbox 360 and PS3 - not worth it.

"We’ve clearly said we’ll be next-gen only,” Iwinski told Edge. The Witcher 3 has been unveiled for PlayStation 4 and PC, with the latter pledged to be without DRM.

"PC is a non-stop next-gen, that’s the cool thing about it," he continued. "So I think a lot of people with big franchises and massive reach plans, they’ll have this dilemma, and I think there’ll be a lot of comprises made in the industry that might not necessarily be good for gamers.”

"We’re looking for triple-A experiences from the next-gen,” added Iwinski.

“The Witcher 3 is so large… with a world bigger than Skyrim, and everything that we wanted to put inside it, there’s just no way that it would run on current-gen. We’d have to put a couple of years of development into them, and then the experience would be so-so… we’d never do that.”

The Witcher 3 became official earlier this year and boasts 36 different endings possible.
Source: Edge


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Apr 05, 2013
I hope there is an upgrade kit made available soon after launch to push my beastie to it's limits.
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Apr 05, 2013
Oh dear,witcher 3 will be even more taxing than 2 and i could only play that at medium,will definitely have to improve my rig.
By Gale47 (SI Core) on Apr 05, 2013
Hey, I'm STILL waiting for an upgrade to play Assassins of Kings. It's just unplayable right now on my rig.
Either way, I'm sure as hell going to play it eventually :D
Geralt is awesome, and so is the world he roams in. Dark fantasy rules.