Domains for Mad Max videogames registered by Warner Bros.
Posted: 13.04.2013 05:17 by Comments: 2
Mad Max: Fury Road may be hitting theaters in 2015, but Warner Bros. has registered some domains for a videogame version of the adventures of Max Rockatansky.

Said domains are MadMaxGame, MadMaxTheGame, and WorldGoneMadLegendOfMax, and according to Superannuation, such a game would be developed for next-generation console systems, which would suggest a 2014 or later release.

Stay tuned.
Source: VG247


By nocutius (SI Elite) on Apr 13, 2013
I hope it's gonna be that kind of a game that kids are not allowed to play. It's not gonna be Mad Max otherwise.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Apr 13, 2013
As I said in the FB post, it's good to see Max's surname presented as there has been heated debate over the years as to whether he has one. If you've read the novel and/or listened to how Fifi, his CO addresses Max you'd know that of course it is Rockatansky.
Onto "Fury Road"...I hope it's as good as the screenplay I wrote years back: "Return of the Road Warrior", in which it is actually a "Heart of Darkness" style story where his son sets off in search of Max to face a new threat to New Sydney Town - The Nomads, a viscous viral race that destroy everything in their path.

How can Max have a son? Well if you watch the first film you will see Max walking away from the OR where his dying, pregnant wife is struggling for life after the bikers ran her and Sprog down. In my screenplay she survives long enough for them to save the baby, who goes into the care of Fifi. Alex, as the boy is named, grows up in New Sydney Town ,that the lost children from "Mad Max III" migrated to and re-built (to a degree). Fifi has kept the very last of the V8 Interceptors in good nick and when this threat arises he tells all to Alex and that he must find his father to help them. Lots of fun and violence ensues as the leather-clad Alex, mounted in a V8 races across Australia before finding a quite mad Mad Max living with Aboriginals and distrustful of all.

Anyway, I'd like to see an isometric RTS-style game, not simply a top-down driving one where you need a 360 controller.
Likewise an FPS would be quite boring, while an RPG...there's a thought.