19 minutes of The Elder Scrolls Online leaked
Posted: 14.04.2013 20:04 by Comments: 9
19 minutes of Bethesda's intriguing MMORPG based on their popular license, The Elder Scrolls Online, have been leaked onto Daily Motion.

The video shows off character creation and some of the third person action. Check it out in the video below.

Source: DailyMotion
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By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Apr 14, 2013
Just another MMO that is not really going to catch my attention... have tried playing these games, I just don't get sucked into them.
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Apr 14, 2013
Thanks but it looks like i`ll stick to skyrim if i want a TES game,besides i have Guild Wars 2 as well so if this thing wants me to care about it it`s gonna have to do something really special.
By Gale47 (SI Core) on Apr 15, 2013
Agreed. This doesn't feel like a true TES game.
Singleplayer all the way.
By Nougat (SI Newbie) on Apr 15, 2013
A TES game on PC without player made mods? No, thank you. I would not have played Skyrim without player made UI and other bug fixes. Bethesda can't even make relatively bug-free single player games. I can just imagine the amount of exploits that will pop up with their MMO. Also, no sweet rolls.
By Jasca_Ducato (SI Core) on Apr 15, 2013
I'm gonna reserve judgement on this until at least a proper gameplay trailer comes out. If they decide to bring it to the next-gen consoles (like Destiny), I'll be more inclined, but that's unlikely.
By Gale47 (SI Core) on Apr 15, 2013
I've been drawn back into Tamriel (and/or the Wasteland, for that matter) more than a dozen times only because of my occasional strides into the Nexus sites. Damn, some mods are just sick.
I agree with Nougat completely.
Also, what we need now is a Fallout game made on Skyrim's engine. Bethesda, MAKE IT HAPPEN!
By Voqar (SI Core Member) on Apr 16, 2013
Well, I love MMORPGs and these days, they're designed so poorly that they're barely worth playing for any length of time, so we need good new ones more often.

Like, I could care less about BS Infinite - don't care how good it is - to me it's just the bazillionth storey-based first person shooter. Like we need more.

I could say the same about SC2. Who needs more RTS.

The odd thing is, Skyrim, Oblivion, etc - bore me to tears. To me the ES games feel like empty single player MMORPGs. While I love MMORPGs I can almost never get into 1st person single player RPGs. Yawn. To me Oblivion was a lifeless huge empty world that felt like an MMORPG with one player.

But obviously Bethesda does an pretty amazing job with RPGs and their games are already so much like MMORPGs, that I think they could do a good job with a real MMORPG.

My biggest fear is that they're following the formula of fail.

They're going to spend years and millions making a ton of solo content that'll be chewed up and spit out in days by hardcore players and 2-3 months by the drooling idiots.

They're going to spend too much time on PvP that nobody will care about except a few pinheads that insist on PvPing in every MMO no matter how crapy, unbalanced, instanced, fake, piontletss, meaningless, and lame, MMO pvp ALWAYS is. Plus most companies have these ridiculous grand plans for PvP but never actually finish it all at release, which means they have to waste precious time after release polishing a steaming pile of PvP instead of cranking out more group-based PvE content to keep people around longer.

And as usual, the real/core MMORPG fans - those of us who actually want to group in massively multiplayer games, the only games with serious PvE group content, will get the shaft. We'll get a handful of dungeons, broken/incomplete endgame, and not enough content to keep us around for any serious length of time either (compared to the MMORPGs of old or even the bliz/wow dookie machine for dummies).

And we core players, who want a solid MMORPG we can be loyal to for years, will once again play the lame solo ez-mode content designed for the bottom of the barrel least common denominator that takes 3+ years to develop and 2-3 weeks to play thru. Once again we'll grind the handful of dungeons to dust and call it endgame, maybe do a raid or two, and then we'll be out of content and move on a few months after the soloists.

And the company will see this coming, and instead of focusing, will waste tons of time making more solo content to try to keep the morons that shouldn't be playing multiplayer games around, and trying to clean up the steaming PvP pile to keep their promises, and in the end, everyone suffers. Even puppies and kittens. It's pretty horrible.

If they would just lay off the excessive solo crap, forget useless PvP entirely, and focus on content that can keep people around for longer, they might actually sustain numbers for a while.

So I can only get so excited for ESO, because it's following the same lame formula of catering to solo pinheads and PvP griefers and wannabes. And that means it will be nothing really remarkable.

Kinda the same for Neverwinter. How can a game based on D&D even have PvP? D&D has nothing to do with PvP. D&D is THE granddaddy of group-based PvE. It should have minimal solo and mostly grouping. And if you don't like it, stick to single player games where you belong and stay out of MMORPGs.
By Gale47 (SI Core) on Apr 16, 2013
Well, I play games for the experience, without caring much about the actual genre or the fact that Infinite is a shooter.
It's all about the perspective, I guess