Nordic: No "sh---y" sequel for Darksiders this year
Posted: 24.04.2013 05:37 by Comments: 6
Nordic Games acquired a number of licenses from THQ during the IP auction, one of them being Darksiders. However, don't expect to see a Darksiders III anytime soon. Nordic Games states it will not release a "sh----y", rushed game.

According to Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors, ďWeíll be sitting down, I think, in the next week to discuss all those options. It takes a very long time to make games. You wonít see a new Darksiders this year. I donít believe in bringing out a sh---y sequel."

Wingefors stated that the IPs that attracted Nordic's attention was the lot containing Darksiders, Red Faction and Titan Quest. The company had to make some sacrifices, like not being able to get Saints Row (which sold for $22M to Koch Media/Deep Silver.)

He did hint, "Iím sure we can find a solution for at least one of the IPs, or a few of the IPs, this year. Potentially this summer. There will be a lot of discussions at E3, but itís hard to say. Iím very open minded and flexible. I trust a handshake. I just need to find the right people,Ē adding, ďEach IP has its own merits. I do have a deep love for MX vs ATV. I have sold loads through the years, and I know it is a big community. I think that will be less tricky to make a good game with."

Wingefors pointed out one game in particular. ďTitan Quest drew a lot of attention in the past 24 hours. There is great love for Titan Quest. I am sure you will see a sequel in the future, but I donít know when,Ē he noted.
Source: VG247


By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Apr 24, 2013
Good to know,don`t want to see this IP die so this is great news.
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Apr 24, 2013
Well i`ll still have my hopes up,what little i have left,if it`s darksiders fate to die at least they gave us two awesome games.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Apr 24, 2013
I quite like Nordic and do appreciate their approach here. Good on them for not not taking the cheap and easy route, even if it just to stall so they can work out what to chop out of the game and release as DLC. Aside from the question as whether they have any idea what they're doing or not.

Chosen,good to see you modified your language too, even if this was done by the Forum Faerie.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Apr 26, 2013
I somehow thought you might take me up on some challenge or the, Chosen, you mean bas.....
As they ay: With great power, comes great responsibility....just no cash:(