Microsoft registers 'Xbox Fusion' web domains
Posted: 03.05.2013 06:29 by Comments: 1
The name of the next-gen Microsoft console has been speculated on for months, including the Xbox 720, the Xbox Next, the Xbox Infinity, and even the console's production title "Durango". However, Microsoft has registered multiple domain names that seem to indicate the next console will be titled the "Fusion".

Fusible spotted domains registered by Microsoft including,,,, and

Of course, this could be the name of a brand-new service for Xbox Live Marketplace, but on the 21st May, we'll find out for sure.


By noobst3R (SI Core) on May 06, 2013
I hope not. Doesn't sound too good. On the other hand, Sony is going with Playstation 4, which is even less original.