Spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness hitting Kickstarter on 6th May
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Eternal Darkness was one of the most acclaimed games on the Gamecube console, noted for screwing with the player by pretending to delete player save files, acting as if the television muted itself, and so on. Now, the game is getting a spiritual successor for PC and Wii U, Shadow of the Eternals.

The game is being developed by Precursor, formed by Silicon Knights founder Dennis Dyack.

According to IGN, the game will be hitting Kickstarter on the 6th May and will have a $1.5M funding goal. It will be comprised of 12 episodes, and stretch goals will include "future episodes, additional characters, additional platforms and in-game perks."

Precursor also revealed the plot to the game:

When Detective Paul Becker is called to one of the bloodiest gang massacres in Louisiana state history, only two survivors remain from a brutal conflict between two rival cults. As Becker begins his interrogations of the suspects, their combined recollections will uncover the truth about the ‘Eternals’.

Featuring an ensemble cast of heroes and villains, Shadow of the Eternals will span over 2500 years of history throughout Egypt, England, Hungary, and the United States. Players will question the perception of reality as they try to balance the mechanics of combat, magick, and sanity events to progress through the adventure.

Shadow of the Eternals will take players on a memorable journey throughout time; weaving historical fact with disturbing fiction to create an experience unlike any other.

Stay tuned til Monday for the full reveal.
Source: IGN
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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on May 05, 2013
All this talk of detective stories got me wondering once more why there is no new "Blade Runner" game in development. The old one was great; bugs and glitches galore but the gameplay was spot on.
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on May 05, 2013
I did LOVE the old ED game, Freaked me the far out!...In a good way!
By HenoKutus (SI Elite) on May 05, 2013
An awesome game in the day!