Elder Kings mod brings Tamriel to Crusader Kings II
Posted: 14.05.2013 05:28 by Comments: 1
A new mod has been released that brings the world of The Elder Scrolls into Crusader Kings II called Elder Kings.

"Hey, you got your The Elder Scrolls in my Crusader Kings II!"

Gamers who are interested in seeing how the Imperials, Nords, Argonians, Dunmer, Falmer, Khajit, Bosmer, and other races would deal with political intrigue on a global scale will find out using the mod. The mod takes place in the Third Era and faithfully recreates the map and tensions between nations.

Crusader Kings II owners who'd like to try the mod can download it here.
Source: Destructoid


By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on May 14, 2013
Lol, well done. I tried playing this game, but I don't understand how it works. It seems interesting once you get the hang of it, but I have yet to get to that part.