War for the Overworld's Bedrock Beta now available on Steam
Posted: 16.05.2013 09:35 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Subterranean Games' Dungeon Keeper-styled War for the Overworld has finally achieved release of its Bedrock Beta for Kickstarter backers and for those who pre-order. The beta is a Steam-only launch.

The full game will also be releasing outside Steam with no DRM, but the beta uses Steamworks because it's "a far better environment" to test the game in. Bedrock Beta includes a sandbox map.

There's also the Goodly Conflict where a hero fortress lies in the centre of the map and you'll have to fight your way towards it for riches. There'll be a third option later.

Confirmed in the Bedrock Beta:

• Rooms: Lair, Treasury, Slaughterpen, Archive, Foundry
• Spells: Summon Worker, Possession
• Minions: Blood Imp, Gnarling, Gargoyle, Augre, Cultist
• Heroes: Firebreather, Juggernaut
• Game Systems: Digging, Fortifying, Gold & Mana, Portals
• Unit Systems: Hunger, Sleep, Basic Combat (no abilities yet)

For more information on how to get a hold of the Bedrock Beta visit the official War for the Overworld site.

Source: Kickstarter
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