WildStar enters Closed Beta Two: The Dominion, announces Carbine
Posted: 16.05.2013 15:42 by Simon Priest Comments: 3
Carbine Studios' WildStar has had a "very successful" first closed beta phase according to the studio, and now it enters a second one. This however "focusses solely" on the second faction within the game.

That means new zones, dungeons Battlegrounds and other stuff. Closed beta invites are no longer region-locked, courtesy of feedback from non-US beta testers. Hooray for globalisation!

This means the Exile faction will be unavailable during Closed Beta Two: The Dominion, and attributes have been renamed for a more "WildStar-ian flair" to them.

Invitations to the second closed beta phase have already been sent out by Carbine Studios, so double-heck those spam filters and folders in case you've missed yours. You can sign-up here.

Closed Beta Two patch highlights:

• The Exile faction have been hidden away for this round of beta, but give a warm welcome to the Dominion!
• The Ruins of Kel Voreth have opened up for testing. This dungeon is intended for level 20 players.
• Battleground: Smash & Grab is now available. This 10v10 Capture the Flag variant opens immediately at level 3, and is available all the way through the beta level cap of 30.
• The old Attribute names (Strength, Dexterity, Technology , Magic, Wisdom, Stamina) have been renamed for more WildStar-ian flair: Brutality, Finesse, Tech, Moxie, Insight, and Grit.
• Milestones and Attributes have had a major redesign. See the Class notes below for more details.

For full patch notes visit the official WildStar website.

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By djole381 (SI Elite) on May 16, 2013
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on May 16, 2013
Yeah i don`t see what`s so special with this mmo either,i saw TB`s videos on this and i have to say it`s pretty generic,the only thing it has is it`s art style.
By Voqar (SI Core Member) on May 16, 2013
I looked at the video on their front page and signed up for beta for the heck of it, but it pretty much looks like a space-themed WoW with the now more popular action-style combat - looks just like WoW, even with the emotes and details. The game could be using WoW's engine, that's how much it looks just like WoW.

They're promising the sun and the moon for features which is typical. Probably launch with basic questing to cap and everything else to be finished "in the future". Even if they launch with the features it looks so much like WoW it's kind of crazy.

Time will tell I guess.

I'm more interested in seeing how TESO and EQNext turn out, especially EQNext since oddly SOE isn't sharing much about it and it supposedly has been in dev for years and they've hinted at releasing this year.