Rumour: Capcom prepping Resident Evil 7 for E3?
Posted: 20.05.2013 11:59 by Simon Priest Comments: 2
Capcom may very well be announcing Resident Evil 7 next month at E3 in California if an alleged promotional poster still in the design phase is to be believed. It's best you keep that rumour-mill salt lick nearby.

Again, if the poster is to be believed, then Resi Evil 7 has the tag 'The War Ends Now'. Of course this could all be some 12-year-old on a sugar high playing around with Photoshop.

I'm leaning more towards fake. E3 2013 takes place June 11-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It's usually the best time of the year to drown in announcements.

Are Capcom ready for another major Resident Evil instalment? 'Leaks' on Photobucket suggest yes. Resident Evil: Revelations releases May 21st so it could just be inspiring some fakers to totally fake us -- those jerks.
Source: VG247
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By danfreeman (SI Elite) on May 20, 2013
Already on to 7? Capcom i know you like beating dead horses but could you please let this one go and beat others? Few are still buying RE games,you`d need a miracle like RE 4 to get people interested again and you already had your miracle.
By Gale47 (SI Core) on May 20, 2013
Nope. This is waaaaay too soon to announce a full new Resi release. It's fake.
Hell, I'm still trying to make RE6 work on my PC -.-