Xbox One dashboard includes shot of Orb from Crackdown IP
Posted: 23.05.2013 10:58 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Is Crackdown 3 in the works for Xbox One? During the Next Xbox event a few slides of the new dashboard were shown off to journalists, and one appears to include a cheeky little Easter Egg.

A green orb was spotted in the bottom left corner, which is remarkably like the green orbs found in Crackdown that you hunt while exploring the city. Microsoft plans 15 Xbox One exclusives.

With the first 12 months of launch they plan to release these 15 titles. Elsewhere in the same shot a Rare logo is plastered over a cartoony Templar image.

It was the ever vigilant NeoGAF community that spotted the hidden gems. Microsoft has promised that E3 next month should make up for the bitter lack of games showcased, or even mentioned, at the Next Xbox event. The last Crackdown was developed by Ruffian Games, which is made up of developers from the original creator.

Crackdown was a notable franchise for Xbox 360 that managed to gain quite a following for its style of imposing order on a city griped with futuristic gangs and freakish mutants rampaging the streets.