Jagged Alliance: Flashback Kickstarter succeeds with $368,614
Posted: 24.05.2013 14:13 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Over 7,000 backers have pledged over $368k to Full Control's Jagged Alliance: Flashback on Kickstarter, taking the project over the needed $350k mark. The studio is "so grateful" for all those who pledged.

They'll begin a Slacker Backer initiative so that there's still time to earn some of those stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign, which will run for 2-3 months, for current and new backers.

The team has also added some new female skins to the reward tiers at $35+, $50+ and $75+, which are based off Resi Evil's Alice, Lara and Metal Gear's Sniper Wolf.

"We're so grateful and we just can't wait to get started on this incredible game," read the latest Kickstarter update.

"As mentioned before, we'll setup a Slacker Backer initiative on our minisite, which will run for at least 2-3 months, so both new and current backer will have a chance to make a push for additional Stretch Goals. And yes, we know, the page definitely needs some more love. But we just couldn't give it over the last weeks. But we will in the very near future. But yes, the most important thing is: Stretch Goals can still be reached."

Congratulations Full Control and to all the backers for Jagged Alliance: Flashback.

Source: Kickstarter
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By Hammerjinx (SI Core) on May 24, 2013
Grats to the team. I didn't think they'd make it for a bit there.