The Veins of Evil explained further in latest War for the Overworld blog update
Posted: 29.05.2013 13:57 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
It's time for another 'WFTO Wednesday' report from the guys behind War for the Overworld, and we receive part three of their write-up on The Veins of Evil, with this one focusing on Greed and mixed Aspects.

The Veins of Evil let us focus our strategies through particular means, or perhaps blend some together. The team warn us that these lists are by no means final. Sins unlock Aspects within the veins.

Right now they don't plan any "hard cap" on the number of Aspects a player can use, but Sins become harder to acquire the more you unlock to balance things out.

The Greed vein unlocks the Archive room which permit research, and also grants access to the Alchemy Lab. Mixing Greed with Wrath heralds the Prison and Torture Chamber for those delightfully intimate questions you want asked of trespassers. Sloth and Greed give us a Stone Bridge and the Market, which sells weapons to minions.

More on the Veins of Evil:

Sins are the currency used to unlock Aspects in the Veins of Evil. Each Aspect costs one Sin, and can come in the form of Rooms, Defenses, Spells, Rituals, Potions or Upgrades.
Each player will start with 3 Sins, and one Aspect must be unlocked from the Roots before entering into Sloth, Greed, or Wrath.
The player will passively gain Sins. At first, the rate will be relatively fast, but it will slow down over time.
In order to offset this the player can build an Archive, which will greatly increase the rate at which Sins are acquired.
Multiple Sins can be saved up and spent at once.
There is no hard cap on the amount of Aspects a player can unlock, but each Sin will take longer to create than its predecessor.
The player is encouraged to invest in multiple Veins, especially into the core rooms. There are many aspects in each Vein that rely on the core rooms of other Veins.
Although Summon Worker is in the vein of Greed, the player will start off with 4 imps which will respawn if they are killed, allowing you to progress through a level without needing to unlock Summon Worker.

Passive bonuses are also granted to workers:

Investing points in Wrath will increase the speed at which your workers dig & claim tiles, as well as giving them increased health.
Investing points in Greed will increase your workers gold capacity and dig rate, as well as giving them increased movement speed.
Investing points in Sloth will increase the speed at which your workers fortify & repair walls, as well as giving them increased attack damage.

Check out the latest 'WFTO Wednesday' blog for more on the Veins of Evil. There'll be a live stream later today at 8.00pm UTC via their channel. The first update to the WFTO Bedrock beta is due over the next few days.

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