Rumour: Prey 2 development taken over by Dishonored's Arkane
Posted: 31.05.2013 15:40 by Simon Priest Comments: 9
Sci-fi first-person shooter Prey 2 is apparently getting thrown over to Dishonored's Arkane. Bethesda has been trying to get someone to take the project since splitting from Human Head in 2011.

Some Arkane devs don't want it, apparently. Other tipsters alleged that Obsidian was working on it at one stage, and Rebellion turned it down. Prey 2 is one orphaned game project at this stage.

For a long time the sci-fi sequel was thought to either been scrapped or just being put on hold. So little has been heard about it for such a long period.

Human Head wasn't told the fate of the game until recently, according to Kotaku's sources, and had in fact been helping out other studios with projects like BioShock Infinite. For a few months Prey 2 had been at Obsidian, but Bethesda has been trying to convince Arkane to take it on.

Getting constantly rebuffed by the Dishonored creator, Bethesda finally told them to take the franchise on whilst scrapping all of Human Head's work, reports Kotaku. Arkane operates two studios, one in Austin and the other in Lyon, with Austin now said to be putting together this rebooted Prey 2.

Grumblings occurred, but high placed developers apparently told the staff to 'treat it as a new System Shock'. Arkane Lyon is said to be developing some other project and it's where Dishonored's Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio moved to. Arkane's alleged bash at Prey 2 wouldn't be ready for quite a few years as it would be in pre-production.

Prey 2 was about a human bounty hunter working on an alien world - what will Arkane do with it if this is all true?
Source: Kotaku


By djole381 (SI Elite) on May 31, 2013
I would like to see Arkane develop Prey 2. They certainly did a good job with Dishonored so I have no doubts they can make something special out of Prey 2.
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on May 31, 2013
Finally some info on this game,i agree djole,i think Arkane will do a great job here.
By Gale47 (SI Core) on May 31, 2013
Yay for Arkane!
By The_Tingler (SI Core) on May 31, 2013
I'd like to see Prey done as a System Shock-style game with Arkane at the helm. The bounty hunter thing looked cool but didn't really vibe with the Prey universe - Prey 1 was creepy and oppressive between the shooting, which would suit a Bioshock/System Shock game well.
By Gale47 (SI Core) on May 31, 2013
Good thinking, Tingler.
I was thinking, should I get the first game or not? Gameplay videos don't really do the game much good.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Jun 01, 2013
I like your idea The_Tingler, but I think that Arkane could actually make something of the Bounty Hunting idea - even though it doesn't really fit the Prey story that much.

@Gale47 - the game is IMHO a rather generic shooter that got a bit undeserved "meh" vibe. It is decent, pretty well made but nothing overly groundbreaking or shocking. Cool beginning and and the setting is actually pretty nice.
By Gale47 (SI Core) on Jun 01, 2013
Hmmm... I'll look for it on Steam.
Thanks :)
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Jun 02, 2013
It's not on STEAM, or Greenamngaming, but on Gamersgate you can find it. It has a decent vote on so why not go over there and vote for it?
By The_Tingler (SI Core) on Jun 02, 2013
It's definitely worth getting, some really imaginative game design in there. It was on Steam, but bizarrely got pulled when somehow the publisher "ran out of Steam keys" and never got any more! It was on Direct2Drive but disappeared when that got taken over by GameFly. It'll get a re-release someday.