World of Warplanes explains open beta battle plan, testers to be 'suitably rewarded'
Posted: 04.06.2013 11:16 by Simon Priest Comments: 1 has detailed how they plan on going through two open beta phases and into the full World of Warplanes game release. All previous gains from the closed beta will be 'fully reset'.

This applies to "warplanes, experience, credits and 'test gold'." The studio will be converting experience into tokens, and token into credits as the phases progress. Testers will be rewarded.

The experience reaped from the closed beta will become tokens in open beta stage one, where tokens will then be converted into credits stage two.

"With the beginning of the Open Beta Test, we plan to perform a so-called "hard wipe" a full reset of the gains achieved by players during all of the previous stages of testing. This applies to all warplanes, experience, credits and 'test gold'," explained Tokens are to replace the 'temporary gold' from the closed beta session.

"The initial number of tokens will depend on the total amount of experience each tester had prior to the wipe and, after this, further tokens can be earned in battle," they continued.

All players will be in an equal starting position when the full game releases.

"Our main aim during the Open Beta Test is to ensure that we have determined the best and most balanced economic model for the game. We do not want it to be possible for someone from the Open Beta test period to take advantage of any remaining issues or balancing work, and thereby receive an unfair advantage over other players."

The studio also details the rewards that await testers.

"Those of you that have been actively helping us in our work on the project, as test pilots, will be suitably rewarded. Testers will receive special badges and emblems, depending on the stage at which they joined the project, as well as special Premium planes. The level of the awards will be directly related to the level of activity of each player, measured by the number of battles in which they participated."

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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jun 04, 2013
If I had the time I would jump in boots, goggles and all. Unfortunately I'll have to leave this to the young 'uns who can work, study and play all at once. I can only cope with the first two at the moment.