Russian hacker cracks Vampire Smile, releases it as PC port
Posted: 05.06.2013 04:14 by Comments: 0
A Russian hacker named Barabus has taken it upon himself to crack indie developer James Silva's Xbox Live Arcade game The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, and release it on PC, claiming he was doing it "for justice".

Barabus then claimed he was doing it because Silva was "not nice" for not having a PC version available yet, stating, "I have to argue that the part of the authors are not very nice to publish the game exclusively for the Xbox 360, making it impossible for PC gamers to play in such a great game.

"We do not steal the game for the Xbox 360, we release it for the PC port. Given that developers ignore the PC platform, about any loss of profit for them is not out of the question. After all, if they wanted to earn money, then the game would be issued on all available platforms. If the game came out on PC officially, then this thread would not exist."

Silva was flattered that there was interest shown in the game, but was nonplussed at someone stealing his game and giving it away. "I guess you could say my reaction is mixed," Silva told indie site IndieStatik. "I'm flattered that there's this much interest in Vampire Smile on PC. I'm not mad about the crack itself, in fact, I'm actually pretty impressed. But I'm bewildered by the cracker's attempt to justify the morality of it. He assumes a lot about why Vampire Smile's not on PC yet, and he could have cleared up a lot of those assumptions by just emailing me. I get that piracy is a service problem, but that's a consequence, not a justification."

In other words, Silva's reasons for not having a PC version are more complex than he is "not nice", and who would now buy a PC version of the game if it's already cracked and on bitTorrent? Also, there are gamers who own both an Xbox 360 and a PC who might not buy the XBLA version if they can steal the game for free on PC.

Ska artist Michelle Juett was less circumspect, stating "James is always the good cop" - (on a side note, having dealt with James in person several times, he is extremely laid back) - "I'm kind of livid myself, I just see him as the overly-entitled gamer saying 'I deserve this because I want it!' I was saying earlier on Twitter 'Halo: Spartan Assault only on Windows 8 devices! That Russian guy should port it FOR GREAT JUSTICE!' Like James though, he's going to do what he's going to do and it's kind of impressive but trying to justify it morally really irks me."
Source: Eurogamer