Latest War for the Overworld update unveils The Bard unit
Posted: 06.06.2013 11:15 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
The team at Subterranean Games has posted their latest update on the War for the Overworld community website, and they unveil The Bard. He empowers nearby allies and has mastered the art of Lute-Fu.

He entertains, buffs ally damage, ally speed and can dodge all physical attacks with Lute-Fu when using his Lute as weapon. The studio has also updated the Chunder & Augre units.

The team has taken a "second pass" on the Chunder & Augre to ensure they feel "more at home in your Dungeon." A livestream recap video is also posted.

"In battle the Bard is a stoic ally who will empower those nearby with rousing songs of conflict and war. Treat him carefully and silence his song for good, or you may find that the next song he sings will be of your own demise," tease Subterranean in their WFTO Wednesday blog post.

The Bard abilities:

Entertainer (Passive): The Bard is able to fulfill the entertainment need of any unit, regardless of their tastes, allowing them to continue working without distraction.

A Song of Ice (Passive): The Bard is constantly playing an inspiring melody, increasing the damage dealt by nearby friendly units.

A Song of Fire (Active): When the Bard plays this inspiring epic nearby units will enjoy increased movement speed for a period of time.

Lute-Fu (Active, Special): The Bard enters a state of intense concentration that allows him to dodge all physical attacks whilst wielding his Lute as a weapon, dealing significantly increased damage.

Check out the full WFTO Wednesday #22 update for more. The 2 hour long livestream recap is here.

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