World of Warplanes open beta begins July 2nd
Posted: 11.06.2013 10:19 by Simon Priest Comments: 4 is firing up the propellers ready for the World of Warplanes open beta. They announce it will throw the hangar doors open to pilots July 2nd, ending the closed beta sessions in the lead up to release.

Aircraft from the late 1930's up to the Korean War are featured in the latest free-to-play MMO, with "intense 15 vs. 15 matches" to dominate the skies. The open beta introduces new mechanics.

There'll be in-game tactical tips to help new flyers, a new tutorial, and the "implementation of crews and crew skills," as well as access to consumables and premium ammo.

"All of us at Wargaming are extremely excited to launch the open beta testing phase of World of Warplanes,” said Andrew Yarantsau, VP of Global Publishing at Wargaming. “Closed beta was a tremendous success and we’ve implemented a great deal of player feedback into the game.”

Earlier outlined their transition plans from closed to open beta in the run up to launch.


By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Jun 11, 2013
I'll give it another spin, see how it matches up to War Thunder since I left it.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jun 11, 2013
Left which one?

I love how they show only planes of the same tier fighting each other in the video with only one token imbalanced fight while the actual game is almost guaranteed to be a lot less fair.
By Longsword (SI Core Member) on Jun 11, 2013
Meanwhile, the new 1.31 update for War Thunder is out, so I don't think I'll be looking at WoWP anytime soon :P
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jun 11, 2013
Go the Grumman, pictured above. Yes, I'll give it a shot or four.