E3 2013: New screenshots, trailer pops up for Jane Jensen's adventure game Moebius
Posted: 12.06.2013 05:21 by Comments: 0
Legendary adventure game writer Jane Jensen's Kickstarter-funded game Moebius is making the rounds at E3, with new screenshots and trailer released by the developer.

This is the first adventure game completely controlled by Jensen since Gabriel Knight 3. The game stars psychic antiques expert Malachi Rector "who can tell at a glance whether a varnish is 14th century Venetian or a 21st century imitation, where a particular hinge was forged, and what tomb an Egyptian artifact came from."

Rector becomes embroiled in a government plot when he is asked by a mysterious agency named F.I.S.T. to travel to Venice to investigate a murder.

Check out the new screenshots here, and the trailer in the video below.