Rumor: Microsoft to work on offline gameplay for Xbox One
Posted: 16.06.2013 15:10 by Comments: 3
Microsoft may be correcting one of the most controversial aspects of Xbox One, if Major Nelson's reaction to a fan suggestion is any indication.

In a Reddit Q&A with fans, Major Nelson was asked by a fan, "Just an idea here. Why not allow there to be a Xbox Live option to allow “offline” mode, but it disables any family sharing? Like “If Xbox One hasn’t connected in 24 hrs: () Disable game & Allow Sharing () Enable Game & Disallow Sharing.”"

The point of online connection was to allow gamers to play games without discs, to be able to play their games on friend's machines, and, of course, copy protect.

What's interesting is Major Nelson's response: "I’d have to check w/ the engineers, but I don’t see why that would not be possible."

The current console combats piracy by when the Xbox 360 goes online and detects when a machine has been modded, which has worked very well for Microsoft.

Major Nelson also stated that banned Xbox One users would not lose their games in the same Q&A.
Source: Stickskills


By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jun 16, 2013
Smart move.
I guess consumers actually can achieve something when we're not being sheep.
By Xyfer117 (SI Core) on Jun 16, 2013
If MS make themselves looks ridiculous by cancelling all these new features I still won't be getting one on the principle of what they originally intended to do with the console, I have a 360... but I am definitely going back to Sony for this next generation.
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Jun 17, 2013
They're not cancelling any features. The point is to allow those online features to work without being exploited and allow people to play offline.